Who is the Ashland Democratic Town Committee?

We are an association of registered democrats in Ashland, Massachusetts seeking to further the principles of the Democratic Party primarily through supporting and promoting democratic candidates and issues of concern to Democrats locally, regionally, statewide, nationally. If you would like to join us, please contact us. There are many ways that you can get involved!

Our current membership includes:  


Makeda Keegan, co-Chair
David Rosenblum, co-chair
Maro Gartside, Secretary
Judson DeCew, Treasurer
Rob Scherer, Affirmative Action/Outreach


Christy Adams*
Beth Amsler
Izzy Assencoa*
Megan Bertino
Bill Browne
Barbara Chisholm*
Peter Chisholm
Preston Crow
Chris Daniele
Geraldo Fontes
Heloisa Fontes
Sara Fontes
Brenda Gadson*
Eric Gartside
Isabel Harrison*
Kathie Hebden*
Phil Jack
Chuck Lidz
Lynn Lidz
Barbara Mcguire*
Anne Manning
Judith Margulies
K.G. Narayana
Valerie Paul
Bob Powderly*
Kay Powers*
Diane Ring
Marty Ring
Mary-Anne Sannicandro
Tom Sannicandro
Karen Spilka
Karen Waldstein*
Tom Waldstein*
Brett Walker
Erin Williams
Philip Williams

* Denotes Lifetime Member