Our Core Values

Economic Justice

We believe in economic justice for all. Equal access to economic opportunity must be available to everyone, but a social safety net is critical to ensure that no one is left behind due to income insecurity.  All people must have access to enough resources to live with dignity and have a decent quality of life.  

Human Rights

All people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, ability, citizenship status and sexual orientation have the right to be free from violence, oppression and discrimination. We also regard access to quality health care, education, clean air and water, and nutritious food as basic human rights.  


We support policies that enable a sustainable future on the town, state and federal level. To this end we are committed to eradicating pollution, reducing waste, promoting livable communities, energy efficiency and clean/renewable energy. We believe that all beings deserve to live in peace on a healthy planet, and encourage educational programs in our schools and greater community that reinforce these principles.    

Civic Participation

Broad civic engagement is essential for an efficient and effective government. As proud Democrats, we protect and defend the Constitution.  Federal, state and local governments play a critical role in society as we believe that the government should reflect the will of the people.  We believe in inclusive and transparent government and the mechanisms that support this, especially those that protect voting rights.