Tom Sannicandro

A Message From the Co-chairs

      The Ashland Democratic Town Committee wishes to salute Chairman Tom Sannicandro for the exceptional leadership and representation he has provided to the people of Ashland and Framingham for the past eleven years.  Sannicandro recently announced that he will not be seeking re-election for a seventh term as State Representative for the 7th Middlesex District.  While we grieve for the loss of Sannicandro’s solid advocacy, we also appreciate his decade-plus of selfless dedication to the people of Massachusetts.  Among other things, Sannicandro is Massachusetts’ most influential voice on policies regarding the special needs population as well as improvements to our state’s higher education system.
brett     The Ashland Democratic Town Committee does not typically endorse any candidate in a primary race, so it is unlikely that we will do so in in the 2016 race.  However, we are aware of many excellent Ashland-based candidates to continue Sannicandro’s legacy of tireless work on behalf of Democratic principles.

      Sannicandro’s announcement is but one of the exciting developments afoot in the field of Democratic politics.  Of course, we also have a presidential election on the horizon.  After eight years as President, Barack Obama is preparing to retire from the Oval Office and we feel it is important to replace him with another Democrat.  We cannot allow the destruction of universal healthcare, thoughtful policies pertaining to immigration and progressive environmental practices by a Republican chief executive.  If any of those matters are a concern to you, the Ashland Democratic Town Committee wishes to invite you to join us at a meeting or event and make your voice heard.